The passion for the quality of Neapolitan tailoring made us realize the online shop of the Made in Italy bespoke!

elegance Napoletana

We Believe that the image of a person should be appropriate to his dreams, the one who wants to be and what it wants to become. Since 2008 we are the benchmark of professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders for the care of the image professional. All you Eleganza Napoletana is made in Naples by master craftsmen who for generations have preserved the tradition, quality and style of the Neapolitan tailoring manufacture: bespoke shirts for men, ties tailored and classic unlined seven crease, hand-finished scarves. strictly by hand and tailored. Exclusively from Naples for you, 100% Made in Italy!

Since 2008 Elegance Napoletana offers the best elegance of Neapolitan tailor at the right price because it is only online. All propose is made in Naples just for you and sent to your home, saving you up to 50% compared to the best clothing stores. That's why Elegance Napoletana true quality tailored 100% Made in Italy That You see right away and lasts over time, at the right price!


Eleganza Napoletana offers ready and custom-tailored shirts, tailored ties ready and custom-tailoring and accessories like scarves hand-finished and stylish swimwear for men. It aims to serve the customer better and as quickly as possible. What helps us on the web? Primarily in reaching so many people, blackberries than a store with a good location could do, and at much lower costs. But it also allows us to have lower prices by 30-50% at constant quality tailoring, and to be competitive with anyone who really proposes to product quality. Under our prices the tailoring is not made in Italy or with Italian raw materials, or both.


How are we different? In all, and nothing. We do not propose solutions for the eye-popping image of modern man, and we have no proposals for new trends because we dress people of any gender from 25 to 80 years who are looking for quality and service, and they know that elegance that interests him is okay but true and constant. We believe that the quality tailoring is to be at all costs the dominant reason for anyone who believes's they want to be better even through clothing. Cheating is useless, and it hurts to the instructions themselves. Because you pay for and sometimes you do not see him, but it certainly feels and makes us feel better in the world. We are aware that the best raw material for tailoring is produced in Italy, including Lombardy and Veneto, and we are close to this rule today that import fabrics flood markets with very low costs. And we produce strictly in Naples in Italy because the best Italian tailoring production is from Naples in Italy, where we were born, if it means earning less. Because one of our shirts if well washed and ironed carefully lasts 5 times more of one that costs half, they tell us our customers. Buttons that do not fall and do not break, collars and cuffs that do not deform, fabrics that do not tighten the third wash, excellent fit.


We have a very clear conception of modern menswear. Our clients are executives, professionals, designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, politicians, are from all Italian regions or are Italians working abroad, people who work and who are successful, who love each other and looking into what They pay a top quality made of a pink elements that never changes: fabric, workmanship, details, service. Shirts with manual finishing and buttons in genuine hand-sewn motherofpearl, unlined tailoring ties, ties Seven Folds to measure, Those who choose Eleganza Napoletana affirms itself with its own be different even point out, for example, from the routine of the white shirt / light blue / in pinstripes. Elegance means not always be perfect but equal, every day, every month, every time, and out of sight of others while not wrong at all. It means being incendio adapt to every context and at every opportunity with flexibility and consistency, while Maintaining a very high level of Their outfits, Their Own personal and professional image. Means clear ideas begin with the understanding of Those Who want to "be" truly and not just Appear, and choose Their Own clothing as a result, not buying in bulk the total look of some brand of men's clothing magazine That Produces in Macedonia, Albania or nell'immancabile China. Those not us. It 'a process marketers That sometimes we help our customers to understand and follow, after Which there is the discovery of personal style and Their own satisfaction.


How can we proposed in this spring / summer our regular customer, Whereas we have a very wide range? First of recovering the use of the tie, Which has been in recent years a bit 'lost. Not to mention tie just to wear it, but the unlined ties, for example, little known in everyday use but ancient decades in Neapolitan tailoring production. very colorful fabrics, classic patterns but sometimes even frivolous as long as the design is of considerable quality. Change a lot but not too much, just enough to be noticed by those who want that known. Do not lock yourself into the equation white shirt + blue tie with white polka dots, but interpret the disruption (it is useless to deny That there is, thanks to the crisis) using patterns and fabrics that maybe were not previously taken into account because they considered are too colorful, too happy, too different. Because from our experience we can say that the usual response of the classic customer to a small change is always the same: do not sit well with me, do not I would bring, not for me but I like it. Here, you need to go beyond this, and learn to vary their clothing with the season as you would with a diet. Be searched, but never coarse. Another important new feature is the bow tie, which since last year has made its appearance even at the neck of those who had never used before. of course we talk about tailoring bow tie made of the same fabric of the ties using polka dots and flowers, regimental, classical prints in silk jacquard, cotton, printed. As for the classic shirts suggest the timeless and elegant fabrics in linen and Italian zephyr, in so many fantasies to be combined differently each day, perhaps with sartorial finish and with details like the front smooth, Which gives style, or cuff with faux sister from use simple and fun with twins. Leisure suggested in a few days a new collection of printed plaid fabrics and fantasy designed for classic shirts That even an engineer or a notary could wear peacefully on Saturday afternoon for a ride in the center with his wife. Classic fabrics but for everyone, in the sense of wearability, to finally smile a mature man without letting him have the fear of appearing too juvenile in clothing. Our mission is to help people to dress better, promising to help them be just themselves but also something blackberries, just enough so That You become a professional apparel of their staff mix lever and not a shield to hide behind which refuge convenience in the dark but safe image approval.


Order now your new shirts online by choosing from hundreds of fabrics for shirts of the best Italian manufacturers: Albini, David & John Anderson, Thomas Mason, Sic.Tess., Canclini 1925, Romentino, Manufacture of Ferno. Customize your shirts online by choosing from 11 types of handmade neck with removable stays perfect in form and resistance over time, 8 types of cuffs, hand-finished armholes, in Australian mother of pearl buttons, Buttonholes finished in silk, hand embroidered monograms and many That other details make unique tailored shirts and ties of Naples.


Take your measurements by following the instructions found on the page "Take your measures" or "Prendi le tue misure", in the section MY ACCOUNT. Afraid of making mistakes? Do not worry, it's very simple, you just follow the measurement instructions exactly as explained. 


Maybe you're tired of the usual ties are too short or too narrow, That after a few months have to be thrown away, or maybe you're tired of the usual ties to fray and remain wrinkles after just a few days of use. Eleganza Napoletana offers sensational seven-fold ties tailored cut and sewn by hand in Naples for you by the best Neapolitan artisans. Choose now among many of Como fabrics in wool, cashmere and 100% silk jacquard neckties available and you can produce custom-made seven folds elegant and exclusive. Plus Elegance Napoletana offers the inimitable ties tailored unlined seven folds, soft and light as a feather Because Entirely cut and sewn by hand but free from the liner, according to Functional the secrets of the best craftsmen of Naples. Those who have made the history of ties in the world! and Also you can choose to embellish your tie with your hand embroidered monograms! You can gift tailored shirts and ties tailored Elegance Napoletana your closest friends or your best customers. You'll just make a normal order and indicated the address of your gift recipient. But you-can Also request to "GIFT CODE" Elegance Napoletana! Who Receives it can choose tailored shirts and ties and tailor them to ship from Naples to His house!


By registering to our site today you can gift tailored shirts and ties tailored Elegance Napoletana your closest friends or your best customers. You'll just make a normal order and indicated the address of your gift recipient. Questions, curiosity, simple tips?

Write to compagnia@eleganzanapoletana.it , we will be happy to receive your comments.

Arnaldo Amato
Brand Manager Elegance Napoletana